Rapid delivery of reliable mobile solutions

Our experience is on your side.

We have decades of experience delivering proven business solutions. We understand that your bottom line is what drives your business, and that technology is a powerful enabler that can transform the way you do business. Our experience helps keep your project on the right track.

What is IntelliWake?

Platform for rapid delivery of tested solutions

IntelliWake is a proprietary platform-as-a-service architecture for rapid delivery of mobile applications. What this means is that we can deliver for you a highly customized solution that meets your specific business needs, but without all the problems that come from starting a new development project from scratch.

IntelliWake provides pre-built business functions that already work together to jump-start your project and give it a firm foundation to start customizations from. Since IntelliWake already provides solutions that are secure, scalable, easy-to-use, and highly functional, your project can focus on getting the most value out of the technology.

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Find out how IntelliWake can help you deliver your ideas in a fraction of the time and cost of most solutions, and with a low-risk step-by-step approach.