What we do: Focus on Value

While we have a strong technology background, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs. We love business. We love what technology can do for business.

Technology projects too often get off track, and many times, in our experience, it is not a limitation of the technology, but a lack of focus on what matters most. Because of our experience in both large and small organizations, we know how to keep projects on track and anticipate and avoid common roadblocks.

How we do it: Low-Risk Phased Approach

Many projects take a big-bang, all-at-once approach to development. Except in a few circumstances, we do not take this approach because it puts all of the project costs at risk before the solution is proven.

Instead, we execute projects in phases, making sure that the biggest risks are identified and mitigated at the beginning of the project. When the project is approached like this, limited funds are consumed to prove the viability of the project, which greatly improves the success rate at final project delivery.

Because of this approach, we strongly recommend that our clients leverage our Business & Technical Consulting Services before work on the actual product commences.

Business & Technical Consulting Services

Because of our background, we can help you get your project off on the right foot, before we lay a line of code. Having a solid business plan means that the execution of the plan will go much smoother, and risks identified can be mitigated.

  • Business Process Design & Re-engineering
  • Market Analysis
  • Definition of Critical Success Factors
  • Technical Architecture Planning and Estimating
  • Business ProForma Development
  • Project Scope Definition

Technical Implementation

Once a good plan is set in place, we leverage our on-shore and off-shore resources to provide the best mix of knowledge and experience with qualified low-cost resources. We have many years of experience working with developers and technologists from around the world.

  • Detailed Technical Design
  • IntelliWake Configuration
  • Custom Extensions
  • Unit / Developer Testing
  • End-User Acceptance Testing

Deployment & Hosting

Technology is only as good as people’s ability to use the tools effectively. Our experience can help you develop an effective deployment strategy to get the most out of your solution.

We host our solutions with top-tier hosting companies, allowing us to make sure that your users have the highest amount of up-time, combined with systems that perform well even under heavy loads.

Outcomes Driven

Technology is a powerful enabler of value, if the focus stays on the outcomes. We take on projects where we believe in the value of what they will produce. This helps us in many cases exceed the expectations of the original value proposition because we can bring our experience in technology to improve the outcomes.

“Our business case was founded on the hard savings we knew we could measure. However, once this got going, there were a multitude of ancillary benefits that saved us substantially more money than we originally planned.”

– Contract director of a large municipality

“We knew we needed to connect our home office with our vendors in the field, but we didn’t realize that the technology could help them run their businesses more effectively. Now, the relationship with our vendors is stronger than ever.”

– Owner of a healthcare services company

“We had invested hundred’s of thousands in other large enterprise systems, only to realize a fraction of the benefits we thought we should get. Your team paid attention to what we needed, and thus we got more accomplished at a fraction of the cost.”

– CEO of a construction company