Secure & Fast

Our experience at large companies drives us to ensure that everything we do uses modern technology to ensure your data is safe and secure, and is scalable enough to handle even the most demanding loads. Our hosted solutions today support dozens of unique application environments that process 100’s of thousands of transactions per month.


Each solution we deploy and support is unique, but is made up of standard, tested, and reusable components.

Multi-Tennant Account Management

If you have a customer-facing application, we can support multiple customers, each with their own protected data-set, but allow you to run analytics across all your customers.

Licenses & Subscriptions

The IntelliWake platform provides licensing and subscription management services

Data Analytics & AI

Capturing a lot of data is easier than ever with the rise of mobile phones and tablets. But it takes industry expertise to know what to do with the data to make intelligent business decisions. We believe in partnering with our clients to leverage our technology and business experience with their industry experience to get the most out of the data available.

Interface to 3rd-Party Systems

IntelliWake plays nicely with other IT systems, meaning that if you have another application that covers some piece of your process effectively, we can connect with their API’s (Application Programming Interfaces, essentially the language between software) and provide a single place for all your important business information.

Enterprise Security & Access Control

IntelliWake has a powerful security engine built into it, that allows many different types of users to log in to the same application, and have access only to the data they are allowed to see. This means that you are both protecting your data where appropriate, but it also means that for the data they are allowed to see, everyone is working from the same real-time information. The impact of this fact alone can radically improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

GPS Positioning

Capturing data with mobile phones and data provides IntelliWake with user information, date/time stamps, and geo-located positions that provides complete transparency of your data, including who captured the data, at what time and at what location. This feature alone has helped many of our clients avoid major costs because all parties have an exact record of what is going on in the field.

Messaging & Communication

Need to prompt your users of changes in data in real-time? Leverage IntelliWake’s e-mail, text messaging and other custom messaging services to keep people informed.

Off-Line Data Processing

IntelliWake has the ability to synchronize data with mobile devices so that information can be reviewed and captured, even when the user is out of range of wi-fi and cellular connectivity.

Multi-Platform Design

Need your solution to work on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone? Our solutions take advantage of the latest responsive design technologies that enable users to work from their devices, even when they are on the road.

Multi-Lingual Interface

The IntelliWake platform provides the ability to adapt to multiple languages, depending on the needs of your clients.

Long-Term Data Retention

By leveraging the very latest in database and multi-media storage, IntelliWake is able to retain and analyze large amounts of data at a cost-affordable rate.

Other Capabilities:

  • Time logging
  • Inventory management
  • Contract & project management
  • Photo & video media management
  • Reminders and notes
  • Work and quantity tracking
  • Event scheduling
  • Activity tracking
  • E-mail and text communication management
  • KPI data collection and reporting
  • Customized surveys, reporting and analytics

… and many others.